jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010


Today, i've had a great idea!!!! Starting today the text of this blog will be written in English.

Long time, i had the illusion of learning English but I never found time or I preferred to be lying in the bed. But today NO!!! I've decided to get serious and I'll start with this blog.

But writing in Englisn isn't the only change. Also the news will be different. Before all news talked about free software, but for now and beyond I'll write about Android!!!

I'll look for news in Internet and the most interesting news will be translated.

I hope you enjoy and if you see some mistake in my English, tell me!!!!

3 comentarios:

  1. Great phenomenon!!!!

    It's a good idea, with this, u will improve your english level.. u know... hehehe


  2. At long last I’m reading your blog! I’ve read it in your tuenti nickname, good strategy!... (The following step is to move it between people who like English and Androids stuff……) Although I love everything around English, I’m not very fond of this kind of things, so, I’ve only read your first post in English... But I think it’s a great idea to take advantage of your blog to improve your English! Good luck and see u!

    (By the way, I supposed you realized, but, just in case, I’m Nuria!)

  3. Sorry Nuria, but if I don't write about Android or computers, I'm not going to write anything!!