lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Gameloft set new conditions to sales of their games

Some days ago, we were happy because a great game enterprise as Gameloft launched a tens of games for Android with a high quality technical and graphical. But now, we are discovering some data about these that make us less happy.
Let's go starting.
The games can be bought only from the Gameloft web and not from Android Market, moreover his price has been increased 2 dollars since they were announced. But this don't finish here, the worst come now. The game, which we buy, can be installed once and on one terminal only. If, for any reason, we have to erase our memory card or the smartphone, we would lose the game and we couldn't install again, so we would have to buy the game again. Because of this, we neither can install the game in other terminals nor have a backup in case memory phone is erased.
It's logic that anyone can sell their games as he wants, but this way selling isn't the best.

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Gameloft develop 10 games for Android

The arrival of games with some graphic quality to Android is a reality. Gameloft announced in May the launching of 10 games for the various existing mobile platforms, including Android. The games, which we can find, are Assassin's Creed, Real Football 2010, Modern Combat...
Gonzague de Vallois said their propose had always been to offer the best experience of game for each device, moreover, they were very happy with the arrival of SmartPhones, which permit the creation of high quality games, because they could offer the consumers a serie of games that combine 3d graphics with an intesive system game.
This 3d high quality games are created especially for each device. For example, Tom Clancy's and Asphalt 5 can use the acceleration device to drive cars and pilot airplane.
Finally, the press release said at least in the beginning Xperia X10, HTC Desire, Motorola Droid, Motorola Motoroi and Nexus One will be the only mobiles compatible with these games. We don't know if they will be compatible with other mobiles.

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Electronics Arts bet on Android

Electronics Arst, leader in developing and distribution of videogames for all existing platforms , has realized the great rise of Android. Games like FIFA, NBA Live, Sims, Risk are some of the titles that already are available to other mobile phones and maybe soon we'll see them in Android.
In a recently conference celebrated, Dan Brown (financial director of EA) confirmed his commitment with Android and recognized that his company are betting on Android as leader of the sector in 2014. Android could have the 25% of the market and Apple the 11% only.
The iPhone generated round 200 millions of earnings to EA but Eric Brown is convinced that Apple won't dominate the market as now but Android will. But for this Android should have something so big as AppStore. We hope that Google work more with his Android Market.

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viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Waze, social software gps navigation

Waze for Androd is a GPS navigation software, with a great difference, the maps are done by the users, how does this work?? The application is going to recollecting the information that it recive by GPS and the data, which we introduce (street's name, photos...), will be uploaded to a server where they will be treated to create a map.
When the map is growing, that information can be used by others users of the application. Waze feeds of all this information. This is done automatically and the user has to execute the application only and the rest is automatic.
As the information is sent all the time, for example, one traffic jam can be detected. As your speed decreases, this data is recollected by the servers of the application, which will show a red line in the screen so that others users can see the traffic jam.
This has a great problem. If you are the first to drive on a road, you won't have maps of this place, and you will be the first to send the data.

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One million of persons download Skyfire for Android

In the Android Market, we can choose from several Web browsers if we don't like the default browser. We have Opera, Skyfare, Dolphin HD and soon Mozilla Firefox. Though Chrome Browser developed by Google is really good, it is known that many users have dispensed to this browser.
The company, which has developed Skyfare, has announced that there are already one million of person who have downloaded Skyfare. Due to this number, it was announced that other mobile, like Samsung Galaxy S, Droid X or HTC incredible, will have this Browser available.
This Browser isn't normal as it throw the web pages in a external server and not in the terminal, this allow us get a full navigation though the terminal doesn't support flash. This improvement has been very important as when this Browser was released, hardly none of the others could execute flash.
We'll have to see if so many users will download Skyfare, now that almost all terminals can execute Flash 10.1.

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jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010


Today, i've had a great idea!!!! Starting today the text of this blog will be written in English.

Long time, i had the illusion of learning English but I never found time or I preferred to be lying in the bed. But today NO!!! I've decided to get serious and I'll start with this blog.

But writing in Englisn isn't the only change. Also the news will be different. Before all news talked about free software, but for now and beyond I'll write about Android!!!

I'll look for news in Internet and the most interesting news will be translated.

I hope you enjoy and if you see some mistake in my English, tell me!!!!