lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Gameloft set new conditions to sales of their games

Some days ago, we were happy because a great game enterprise as Gameloft launched a tens of games for Android with a high quality technical and graphical. But now, we are discovering some data about these that make us less happy.
Let's go starting.
The games can be bought only from the Gameloft web and not from Android Market, moreover his price has been increased 2 dollars since they were announced. But this don't finish here, the worst come now. The game, which we buy, can be installed once and on one terminal only. If, for any reason, we have to erase our memory card or the smartphone, we would lose the game and we couldn't install again, so we would have to buy the game again. Because of this, we neither can install the game in other terminals nor have a backup in case memory phone is erased.
It's logic that anyone can sell their games as he wants, but this way selling isn't the best.

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