domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

A study shows that some Android applications send data without permission

A study made by engineers in Intel's labs, of the University of Penn State and the University of Duke, has shown that some Android applications get too many users data without permission.
They created a programm called TaintDroid to follow the volume of shared data in 30 of the most popular Google applications and available in Android Market. Despite that the application didn't ask the place where you were, two thirds of them shared the information on the location of the terminal. Others sent the id number or the phone number to their servers, even updated the location information each 30 seconds.
Half of these application were sending this information to advertising companies like AdMob. Many times, the users don't know his location is being sent without his permission.
A lot of mobile operating system control the access to the private information, but in the Android Market seem like these controls can be skipped easily.
A better review of the applications and some extra control would help much to the Android Market which ,if we compare it with other, is very poor, and which Google should pay more attention.
Despite this news, I don't change my HTC Tattoo.

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