martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Skype is available in Android

From now on we can download the Android version of Skype from Android Market, though, unfortunately it isn't compatible with some operating system version, only with 2.0 or higher.

It's known that we will be able to make a Voip call using WiFi and 3G, moreover we will be able to talk with our friends in a chat. We will also be able to synchronize our contacts using the Skype Desktop application. It's advised that we use the 3G with this application because it can cause problems if we use EDGE connection.

Android 2.1 is the lowest version to run Skype but it's also said that it is advisable to have a phone with a processor faster than 600Mhz (mostly so). If you have a limited data rate, you should be careful because 1 minute of call with Skype are about 1 Mb of data.

Unfortunately I neither have Android 2.1 nor have a data rate.

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