martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

One hundred thousand apps in Android Market

Yesterday it was announced in the twitter account of AndroidDev that Android Market had reached one hundred thousand apps.
The last 22 October, was the second birthday of the first Android terminal and few day later, Android Market reached this number. At the same time, Apple showed us the number of available apps in AppStore which is larger than Android Market, three hundred thousand in total. We can see that the difference is big yet. Anyway the quality of a store isn't measured by the number of apps but the quality of these.
Though the news is very important, we have to say there is a lot apps which are skin, themes and low quality apps. On the other hand we know the 60% of the apps in Android Market are free. Anyway, this number will have to grow so the more countries develop for Android the more Android will grow.
So this news isn't enough good because the problems, that this market have for users and developers, haven't dissapeared.

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