viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

One million of persons download Skyfire for Android

In the Android Market, we can choose from several Web browsers if we don't like the default browser. We have Opera, Skyfare, Dolphin HD and soon Mozilla Firefox. Though Chrome Browser developed by Google is really good, it is known that many users have dispensed to this browser.
The company, which has developed Skyfare, has announced that there are already one million of person who have downloaded Skyfare. Due to this number, it was announced that other mobile, like Samsung Galaxy S, Droid X or HTC incredible, will have this Browser available.
This Browser isn't normal as it throw the web pages in a external server and not in the terminal, this allow us get a full navigation though the terminal doesn't support flash. This improvement has been very important as when this Browser was released, hardly none of the others could execute flash.
We'll have to see if so many users will download Skyfare, now that almost all terminals can execute Flash 10.1.

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