viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Waze, social software gps navigation

Waze for Androd is a GPS navigation software, with a great difference, the maps are done by the users, how does this work?? The application is going to recollecting the information that it recive by GPS and the data, which we introduce (street's name, photos...), will be uploaded to a server where they will be treated to create a map.
When the map is growing, that information can be used by others users of the application. Waze feeds of all this information. This is done automatically and the user has to execute the application only and the rest is automatic.
As the information is sent all the time, for example, one traffic jam can be detected. As your speed decreases, this data is recollected by the servers of the application, which will show a red line in the screen so that others users can see the traffic jam.
This has a great problem. If you are the first to drive on a road, you won't have maps of this place, and you will be the first to send the data.

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