viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

PvP in Android Market

Hi everyone!!!

I'm sure that when you studied or tried to translate an English text, you hated when the Phrasal Verbs appeared, those verbs which change his meaning when it has a word behind it. Now, you can have in your Android mobile a dictionary with all of them!!! You only have to download PvP in the Android Market!!!

PvP is the first Android app that I have developped (I'm sure that it isn't the last) and it's a Phrasal Verbs dictionary with more than 400 verbs. You can search any phrasal verb by word or meaning. Every Phrasal Verb has examples showing how and when you can use it so you will learn all of them without any effort.

If you look for Pvp, Phrasal Verb o Phrasal in Android Market, you can see PvP at the top and then, you will be able to download it. Also, you can download the app in this link

These are some images of the app:

I hope that you enjoy it!!!!!!!!
See you!!!!!

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