lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

A new Adventure

 Hi world!!!!

I haven't written anything since a long time ago but I hope now I can write often, because it means that my new adventure is being great!!!

And what is that new adventure?? Certainly, this new adventure had to be related to Android, so, I have thought about devoloping and sharing Android Apps!!!! Everyone will be able to get my apps in the Android Market or in this blog.  

I already have some apps and games in my mind, but there is one app which is in the end of the developing part and you will enjoy it soon!!!! This app will be called PvP and it will be a Phrasal Verbs dictionary. More than 400 Phrasal Verbs will appear and every Phrasal Verb will have his meaning and examples showing how and when you can use it.

I hope you can enjoy this new adventure!!!

See you!!!

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