lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Android little trick: Transparents Backgrounds

Hi Everyone!!!!

When we want to draw the button, text or shape background color, we use the hexadecimal notation. For instance, white color will be #FFFFFF and black color will be #000000.
But if we want a transparent background (or partially transparent) we can use the hexadecimal notation to get it. To do this, we have to add two new numbers in the hexadecimal color number. The value of these two numbers will be between 00 and FF, 00 will be totally opaque and FF will be totally transparent.
For instance, if we want draw a totally opaque white the value will be #00FFFFFF, if we want to draw a totally transparent black the value will be #FF000000.
So, between 00 and FF, we can use any value, but the closer of 00, the more opaque and the closer of FF, the more transparent will be the color.

If you want a web which shows us every color in hexadecimal notation, you can use this

I hope that helps!!!

See you!!!

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