jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

Signing your app

Hi everyone!!!!

Before uploading our app to Android Market, firstly we have to sign our app. I didn’t like the Android Web explanation about how to sing our app, because, its explanation is very complicated and in my opinion, to sign your app is very easy.

I’m going to explain how to sign your app, it’s important you work with Eclipse and you have all Android plugins installed, because it’s necessary for this explanation: 

1. In the AndroidManifest of our app mustn’t appear in the code this label  android:debuggable="true". If this label appears we must equal it to “false” or delete it.

2. Right-click on our project and choose the option Android Tools --> Export Signed Application Package...

3. Next screen ask us what project we want to sign. Click Next.

4. Next screen will be like this:

You have to select the Create new keystore option.
In Location, you have to write the folder where you want to save the file which will be your signature.
And in Password and Confirm, write the password that you want (it’s very important you remember the password, because you want to make a new app version or sign others apps with this signature, the password will be required)
Click Next.

5. Next screen will be:

In Password you can write the previous password.
In Validity (years), write a higher number than 25 years.
In Country Code (XX) you must write your country code with two characters. If you search in Google “Code countries ISO” you will be able to see your country code. For example, for USA is US.
The rest of sections you must write your personal data.
Click Next.

6. Finally this screen will appear:

You must write the folder where you save your apk and the apk name.
Click Finish.

When you finish, you already have your apk which you have to upload Android Market in order to everyone can enjoy your app. I advise you install and check your apk in your Android mobile before uploading.

I remind you, you can use this signature in your new app version or in new apps. To do this, in the screen of the paragraph, you must select Use existing keystore option and select your signature file. 

See you!!!!!

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